I think its time...

2009-04-21 16:27:53 by Williamforce665

..to dust off the mic and get it movin again. With all this hate goin on... I gotta say something... Noone is fucking ready for this...

first name on the agenda...

"Hi my name is ses, and my dicks so small I have to act like an internet faggot"

fuck you bitch. I got your fucking number.


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2009-04-22 13:40:23

Dude he fucking blocks everyone and the jokes are eating his self esteem away inside. Thats why he disappears for months then feels some self confidence after consuming copious amounts of denial pills.

http://newsimg.ngfiles.com/71000/7196 0_ses_newsblocker.jpg


2009-04-22 16:12:01

You do? here's my number

305-die-slow. lmao you internet geeks make me laugh seeing what a simple text can do to your pathetic little minds..even if you did have my number. what the fuck you gonna do? prank call me? lmao shut the fuck up white boi your beats suck. your still using fl stock sounds. step your game up you piece of shit. maybe if u was good, id have something good to say bout u but u aint.


2009-05-04 19:27:13

Man, the more you talk, the more ignorant you sound... You say your hip-hop? Well most of (if not all your tracks) sound metal, and I'm a hip hop enthusiast. Oh, and I wouldn't waste any of my time on your Joe Dirt lookin' ass. I'll be honest with you I don't record hardly at all, and those tracks of mine that you were dissin' were merely projects that I made two years ago... The only reason I'm talkin' to your ass is you're disrepsecting the South, and I don't appreciate it. There are dumbasses everywhere whether you from the East, West, North, or the South... Oh, I hear the North is actually looking for a new spokesman to represent the dumbasses from up there.... Now there's an idea for ya. ;D But you might wanna work on your look, cause you look like someone you might find in a trailer park down here. XD Just a thought.


2009-05-05 06:09:29

Dude, I'm going to tell you this straight up. If you've got a problem with ses, have a problem with ses, but you trash talking the south just makes us northern guys look bad, so cut that out. You hear me?