to quote weezy...

2009-05-05 13:59:51 by Williamforce665

"Im tired of the south so in ya mouth is where the dick go"

So now I cant hate on the southern kid. I say hes a wack rapper and get messaged for it? hahaha youre all very funny.


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2009-05-05 21:57:26

No, you can hate on him and say he sucks. But saying he sucks because he's from the south is just dumb

Williamforce665 responds:

did that even happen? no... I beleive I said whack rappers like u get no love in ny... dont sound like soouth hate to me


2009-05-07 18:12:49

"I didnt think there were people like you still in existence... but then again... youre in the south..."

Whether or not you meant it, that line is easily construed as an insult to the south. So if you didn't mean that, then just say right now that you messed up slightly in your choice of words, you meant to insult an individual and not the south. Happens all the time, all you need to do is correct your mistake